Don’t just pile up ideas to be locked away somewhere in your mind. Take some action. Anybody can create new ideas. The most important thing is what you do with the Idea created.

At Creative Calderdale, we collaborate with youths, government, the education sector and other corporate partners to source for young innovators and incubators.

If you want to be part of us to be a leading worldwide innovator, you have to consider these steps critically:

Ideas and innovation

We need people that can generate ideas. We do not believe that any idea is irrelevant or silky. Think up your ideas and gather as many ideas as possible. Make sense of the ideas you have thought about. At Creative Calderdale, it is our specialty to make sense of your unique ideas and we are very good at this.


After you have analyzed your idea, you can develop a concept paper and approach stakeholders. Incubation is just another step of the process. Make sure to roll out the best of your ideas and even test them by yourself. For instance, if you are developing ideas for a video game company, new games will need to be tested before they can be released. We are here for you all the way.


After your best ideas have been incubated, you can then focus on providing the solution to implement your ideas. Here we can come in with mentorship and requesting funding to better transport your aspirations to reality.

Exit or sustain

The final step just like any innovative process will be to either suspend or sustain your project. If the project is sustained then you will need to make long term plans.