Creative Calderdale is an independent innovation incubation center that helps students come up with new ideas and solutions. We help them use these ideas to create new ventures and provide a platform to bring new entrepreneurs to add value to the community by providing these innovative minds with infrastructure and guidance. We aim at providing students with awareness with our business incubation program.

What we do:

• We want to create awareness about entrepreneurship opportunities and success of a business.

• We organize workshops and seminars with notable successful entrepreneurs.

• Encourage and provide knowledge on business plan development for setting up a successful business.

• Organize long and short term internship programs for youth development.

• Organize and train youths on the technical know-how and how they can upgrade their skills.

• Give financial support for their ideas.

Technology Business Incubator

We are here to provide our specialist support service to incubated companies in the early part of their start-up phase so that they can be able to come up with innovative ideas and that their business grows.


Young people are full of ideas that will shape the world tomorrow and for them to get to that level of growth, they need guidance from experienced hands who understand what it takes to grow. This is what we aim to achieve; matching every inventive mind with opportunity!

Financial support

Whenever an idea of a start-up comes to light, the primary challenge is usually that of funds. This is where we come in. We provide your business with the financial support it needs to grow.


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Fashion Program

At Creative Calderdale, we also welcome fashion incubators who can have a positive impact on the fashion industry. We source for the best talents who have the potential to become the greatest fashion brands. We build talents and help them with the resources they need to build their dream.

We handle promotions, workspace, intellectual property rights and many other things in the interest of the fashion startup. We will help you see that your dream grows by providing you with guides and tips on how to succeed. Join our many fashion incubators and grow your business idea.

Focus Areas of Creative Calderdale

We help in innovations in areas like fashion, Agriculture, Water, Food & Dairy Technology, Information Technology, E-Commerce & Cyber Security, Bio-Technology, Health Sector, Manufacturing Technologies, Social Entrepreneurship.